Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Current Favorite Lipstick.

Hello everyone!

It feels like ages since I've written a proper 'beauty' related blog post, so why not write one now.

A few months ago, when me and my mum went shopping, My mum picked up the 'L'Oreal Color Riche Serum Lipstick in Radiant Orange'. Since then she hasn't really been into using it as bold lips aren't really something my mum feels comfortable wearing, and she thought the lipstick was much more subtle. So of course I took the opportunity to try it for myself. And oh wow, I LOVE it! 

It's what I would describe as a 'Dark Frosty Orange', which wouldn't usually grab my attention, but it is so beautiful and moisturizing on the lips. It's also very unique. I've never seen a lip color quite like it. The only bad thing i really have to say about it, is that it smells pretty bad; almost like the type of make up your grandma would wear...if you know what i mean? 

Like my mum, if you're not into bold lips I probably wouldn't recommend it....but if you're looking for a new staple bold lip...preferably for winter, I'd definitely suggest trying it out.

I'll leave some pictures here, but please excuse my 'Make-upless' face.


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Health and Fitness #5: Bloggin' and Vloggin'.

Hello everyone!

It's Thursdaaaaay! And I'm going to write yet another 'Health and Fitness' blog post for you.

I quite enjoy writing these blog posts. They seem to keep me motivated, and I like to think of them as a sort of documentation of my health and fitness journey. 

What you may not know is that I've been on a 'Health and Fitness Journey' before...
When I was 15 I decided to loose a few pounds after getting bullied about my weight; and I did, But due to some personal reasons I unfortunately put the weight back on and here we are. 

Whilst I was losing weight last time I recorded everything I did in a little journal, which helped me stay on track, and that's kind of where I got the inspiration to start writing these posts. Also, as well as writing these posts I've decided to vlog my progress too. I'm not entirely sure why I decided to vlog it? I don't think anyone will ever see it, its just another way to keep my motivated. 

I'm not vlogging 'everything'....or am I? No that's weird. I'm just vlogging bits and bobs that I think are relevant I guess? 

Does anyone else record their progress via a diary, a blog, a vlog...anything? 

Just thought I 'd show you how cute my cats looked while writing this blog post! Awwww!


Thursday, 15 May 2014


Hello everyone!

This blog post isn't going to be helpful to anyone who's looking for beauty tips or fashion advice, nor is it going to be very interesting...But this is my blog and I like to thing of my blog as my own personal space on the internet where I can express myself in all aspects. So here goes...

Lately I've been having a really poopy time. I've been in a really poopy mood and just feel crap...to say the least. But to be honest, thinking about it..I really have nothing to be sad about. I think everyone goes through this; a series of small shitty things that happen over a certain period of time and they just start to build up on top of each other..and soon enough you just feel well...shit! 

For me it probably starts off with when I left school a year early to join a photography course, which I was so excited about at the time! But after a year I realized it just wasn't for me so I left(with two certificates) and here we are. Now that doesn't sound too bad right? It just seems like ever since I left my course, little things have happened that have really had an influence on the way I think...I guess? For example, ever since I left my course I've been struggling to find a job. I've had to get my licence so I'm actually able to drive my self places, as I live in the middle of nowhere(I got it on the second attempt). I'm trying to lose some of my 'Course' weight after living off junk food. And some other personal reasons which I wont get into on the internet. And with all these things happening in such a short period of time, it really does impact your way of thinking! Especially when your an anxious person like me. I tend to really over think things, which I NEED to stop doing! And because of that, the thing that's really been putting my in a poopy mood is the thought of...My Mum has a PHD, my Dad is a qualified mechanic who also opened up his own garage, my sister has a degree in nursing, my brother is studying to become an automotive engineer, and then there's me...who left school early to do a course she ended up leaving, and is now struggling to find a job while writing a blog and contemplating whether or not to start up a YouTube channel. Yep. 

I feel like when you're at college(or high school) there is so much pressure to have to know exactly what you want to do when you leave school and jump right into university. And it is freaking stressful! When you're at school they make you feel as though if you don't learn the way they want you too, or if you have an 'unrealistic' career option then you're not going to make anything of yourself...which is bullshit! If you are passionate about your dreams then you will be successful in life.
Also, if you know exactly what you want to do, and you DO want to go to university straight away, then great! But if you don't, that's okay. We're only 18/19, and you don't HAVE to know exactly what you want to do or be as soon as you leave school. You can take a gap year, get a job, and I'm pretty sure you can go to Uni for the first year without even knowing what you want to do...So calm down!

So yeah, that is why I've been feeling crappy..but it's not the end of the world, and it could be a WHOLE lot worse! After going for a LOOONG walk yesterday and getting some good ol' fresh air, I kind of took a step back and though...I have a family that cares about me, a roof over my head, and unlimited internet so I can watch YouTube all day...just kidding. So what's the point of me being in a poopy mood!? 

If you didn't like this blog post, then...sorry? But I actually feel better after writing this, and I'll leave you with some pictures I took from my LOOONG walk yesterday, plus my favorite quote which always makes me happy! Just in case you need some cheering up. :)

My favorite quote :)
(Source: Google)
Who can pull the ugliest face?
I'm so high in life right now..
Coming home to a nice relaxing fire :)



Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Health and Fitness #4: Weak Joints.

Hello everyone!

Yes, I am still alive. It's all good.

Yay it's Thursday! Which means...it's time for another 'Health and Fitness' blog post. 

It's been two weeks since my last one, and I do have a few things that I'd like to share with you. Firstly, I HATE MY KNEES AND ANKLES! AHHH! Let me explain. I've been really enjoying running, which is really strange to me because I always used to hate it. So there I am, getting up every morning for a twenty minute run when all of a sudden...BAM! My joints decide to completely give up on me and leave me bed ridden for the next two days...Why!? What did I ever do to you!? It's so frustrating, as running really seems to put me in a good mood for the rest of the day; So at the moment I've just been trying to run every second day.

Secondly, I want to say a massive THANK YOU to my wonderful family! Everyone knows when you're trying to achieve something, it is so much easier when you have an amazing support system encouraging you. That is exactly what my amazing family have been doing. My mum is always making sure I'm eating the right foods and keeps all tasty treats out of reach, which helps me keep right on track. My brother is usually mucking around doing his own thing and It's not like I'm expecting him to be coaching me in anyway, but the other day he did the sweetest thing; no matter how small or silly you may think it is...it's true what they say "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted". I was out, in the rain, doing my usually morning run...but I just wasn't feeling to good and had no enthusiasm what so ever. Anyway my brother, while under the hood of his car, must have seen I was struggling a little so he decided to drop what he was doing and run beside me until I had finished my run. Thanks Tom! x
And everyone knows going for daily walks is very important, just super boring. So thank you Cookie(My dog) for making them that little bit more exciting.

Me and my brother in 2011.
So I've had a pretty good past two weeks in the whole 'Health and Fitness' aspect, apart for my stupid knees and ankles! But oh well...Sh*t happens ;) 

I'll definitely be writing another one of these posts next week. See you then! 


Monday, 12 May 2014

Blogger Block.

Hello everyone! 
Woah, it feels like I haven't written a blog post in ages! Oh wait...that's because I haven't! 

I haven't been in the best of moods lately, and every time I sit down to write a blog post I have no idea where to start. The past week I've just been feeling kind of poopy...probably because the weather's been pretty shitty..haha get it ;) And because my 'Sleep disorder' has been keeping me up past 2am every night. Ahhhh it's so frustrating! 

Luckily I know exactly what to turn to when I'm feeling down, can't sleep, or I'm just frustrated about something. And those things areee:

-Adventure Time or Family Guy
- Tumblr
-Nintendo 64(Zelda or Mario Kart)
- YouTube
-Pizza and Chocolate

So yeah, those are the things that keep me from going insane when I'm stuck in the house or when I have absolutely no enthusiasm to make any kind of contact with other people.

Whilst lying in bed feeling 'poopy', I have also managed to write down a few ideas for some future blog posts. Oh, and I must write another 'Health and Fitness' post as it's been about two weeks since my last one.

Does anyone else suffer from 'Blogger block'?

Pretty shitty weather....Haha rhyming is fun...


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Style Crush: Little Mix.

Since starting my blog, I realized I haven't really written much about fashion....which is kind of a shock to me, since it's one of my favorite things EVER! When people ask me what kind of style I'm into or what inspires me when it comes to fashion, I will always 100% say Little Mix! 

(Source: Google)
If you don't know who Little Mix are...where have you been?! Ever since watching them on X Factor they have been my absolute favorite girl band, not just because they are super talented and absolutely hilarious...but also because they have the coolest, quirkiest and most beautiful fashion sense! I always love what they're wearing weather it be at red carpet event or on stage...their style is just completely up my street. 

I love how they all have their own different style, but they manage to always make their outfits gel nicely together. Leigh-Anne's style always reminds me of 'Saved By The Bell', it's very retro and urban which I love. Jesy's style almost seems kind of 'Hip-hop' inspired but with a very quirky and different kind of twist on it. Jade's style is always very sweet, almost like she takes inspiration from Disney characters. Although she occasionally adds a bit of boyish style, like shirts and bow-ties. And last but not least, Perrie. Perrie's style is what I like to call a cross between 'hippie chic' and 'rocker chick'...I love it! 
(Source: Google)
(Source: Google)
(Source: Google)
(Source: Google)
(Source: Google)
Also my heart skipped a beat when I first herd they had bought out their own range of make up! First their amazing fashion sense and now their own make up range!?! Unfortunately, their make up cannot be purchased in New Zealand and I can't find anywhere that will ship it over here. So I cant wait to be heading back home soon(England), so I'm able to get some. Has anyone tried it? Is it any good?

I'll definitely make sure to write some more 'Fashion' type blog posts in the future, and maybe some OOTD's so you can see what I mean when I say "I take a lot of inspiration for Little Mix's style". But until then, I hope you have an amazing day and...yeah...I'm not really to sure how to end this?