Friday, 31 January 2014

New Love: Tangle Teezer.

Lots of girls love the idea of having curly hair. And looks nice, but one thing that's not so the amount of knots and tangles that it come with. Growing up with thick and curly hair, I've learnt that when it comes to brushing it, It's not so straight forward. I find brushing my hair to be the biggest chore, and I hate it! Not only does it take ages, but it's so hard to find a good brush that actually gets the knots out while at the same time doesn't break off or tug at the ends of my hair.

 RRP: £10.20
I had heard about the 'Tangle Teezers' a while ago from a lot of different beauty bloggers, but never picked one up because anything to do with any type of brush or comb was too much for me as I was always that girl who tried to avoid brushing my hair as much as possible and tied it up. It wasn't until I saw that the 'Tangle Teezers' were on sale on 'Feel Unique' that I thought 'Sod it' I might as well try it out....and now, I love it!

Even though I'm sure almost everyone now owns a Tangle Teezer, I thought i'd write a quick little review. I really can't praise it enough! If you're like me and you hate the thought of having to sit there and tug away at your hair in order to get rid or all the pesky knots and tangles, you'll LOVE this brush! It effortlessly de-tangles your hair with no pain what so ever. And because it doesn't pull on your hair, it also doesn't create any extra damage to it. Also it fits nicely in the palm of your hand and is the perfect size for travel.

So there's my little rave about how much I'm loving my Tangle Teezer!
Is there anything in your beauty collection that you're loving at the moment?


Sunday, 26 January 2014

My Favorite Haircare.

About a year ago, after a long night of reading review after review on different hair care, I was introduced to the TIGI S factor range. I had read so many amazing reviews on the products and completely fell in love, until I saw the semi-expensive price tag. I wasn't sure weather I could justify spending 35 pounds on a shampoo and conditioner. I was always a drugstore kind of girl when it came to hair care and never steered towards the salon products, but at the time my hair wasn't in the best state and I thought I'd treat myself.

When I purchased it, the first thing I noticed was that both the shampoo and conditioner smelt like strawberries and cream, as does the whole range which I later found out...YUM! I purchased the 'smoothing' shampoo and conditioner, and one year on I'm still addicted! It's still to this day my favorite shampoo and conditioner. It makes your hair feel amazing and also makes the ends look a lot less brittle...and of course my personal favorite part! It makes your hair smell good enough to eat! And I always find myself sniffing my hair, which must look a bit odd to other people..but I cant help myself!

Holy grail hair care! On the left: TIGI S factor smoothing shampoo and conditioner. On the right: Herbal Essence Long term relationship.

As you can see I do have another 'favorite' shampoo and conditioner...The Herbal Essence 'Long term relationship' shampoo and conditioner. I like to call this one my favorite 'drugstore' hair care, just because it's about a quarter of the price of my TIGI S factor shampoo and conditioner, and I only use it because I don't want my hair to get to used to my higher end hair care, just in case I cant afford it.

I absolutely love trying out different drugstore hair care, but for a while there wasn't really one I got hooked on, until I tried this! The reason I bought it was because I was looking for a new shampoo and conditioner to try out, and I always love checking out the Herbal Essence range only because they all smell sooo good! I picked up the 'Long term relationship' shampoo and a little old lady with the most well looked after hair I've ever seen on an older woman may i just say, came up to me and said "Ohhh that stuff is amazing! I used to be a hair dresser and that's far better than at least half the products we had in the salon" and walked off again. A bit bizarre but I thought why not and added it to my basket.

Now I would like to thank that old lady, if she's reading this(which she probably isn't) Because it really is the best drugstore shampoo and conditioner I've ever used! Even better than some salon hair care of my mums that I've used. It's raspberry scented and smells absolutely amazing! Again...have to restrain myself for eating it! Also it claims to 'Help prevent split ends', and I can truly say that since I've been using it I've had a lot less split ends. The last thing I love about this shampoo and conditioner is that it doesn't completely strip your hair of its naturally oils which I find a lot of drugstore hair care does. I mean, it doesn't help hydrate your hair, but it doesn't dry it out either.

So there you have it, they are my two absolute favorite shampoos and conditioners! If you're on a budget and need some good hair care definitely give the Herbal Essence a go, otherwise if you like to go for the higher end option, the TIGI S factor range is incredible!

Has anyone else tried these out?
Whats your favorite hair care?

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Nintendo nostalgia.

Hello everyone!

So as you know the other day I was feeling a little bit under the weather. And that's kind of where I got the inspiration to write this post.

One thing I didn't include on my 'Things to do whilst sick and bored at home' list, was video games. Believe it or not, I'm a sucker for spending a majority of my spare time playing PlayStation, computer games etc..My love for spending all my free time on games stems from when I was about ten. My younger brother got a PlayStation 2 for Christmas along with a selection of games, including the world famous Sims, which at one point in your life i'm sure you were addicted too(there is not point in trying to hide it). Me and my brother got quite addicted to playing the Sims! Mainly because we lived about twenty minutes out of town and also it was winter so it was absolutely freezing outside. After getting a little bit bored of the Sims we started playing Age of Empires, which I still LOVE to this day! And we also dug up our old Nintendo 64 and spent a lot of time on that, playing Mario Kart.

So anyway, I need to stop rambling! Like I was saying, when I'm sick or even just stuck at home, the first thing I'll do is get the old Nintendo 64 out, or at the moment I'm really enjoying Happy Wheels...
I would be playing the Sims, but I got mad at it because all my characters kept dying...and I'm not really to sure why? I'm not bad at looking after them! I think the game just doesn't like me...

So yeah, once again a bit of a weird post today but I wanted to write it just because the other day whilst feeling like crap, my brother decided to get out the Nintendo after two years of not playing it! And it just felt very nostalgic to me...playing Mario Kart for like three hours straight with my brother and his friend. And to be honest, little things like that really do make me feel a lot better, and just happier. Probably because for me personally, feeling nostalgic is one of the best feelings ever! I just love that feeling of when you do, or hear, or see something and it brings back a thousand and one memories.

What are some things that make you feel better when you're down?


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Feeling poorly.

Hello everyone! So today I woke up feeling like absolute crap! And when I'm sick, my day consists of three things. Sleeping, Marmite toast, and online shopping!

(Source: Google)

So since I'm all tucked up in bed with nothing to do, I thought I'd write a blog post. When I'm feeling sick, or even just down, I have a whole list of things I turn to in order to cheer me up, so I thought I would share them with you. And hopefully if you're feeling sick or a bit upset, this will put a smile on your face!

1. Writing/Blogging- For as long as I can remember I've loved to write! Growing up I always kept a journal, I used to love writing stories, and I have piles and piles of diaries filled with random notes and things which I scribble down all the time. I guess that's where I got the inspiration to start a blog..

2. Marmite toast- I'm sure everyone has a food they love to indulge in when they're sick...weirdly mine happens to be Marmite on toast. I just love it! Makes me feel a lot better!

3. Baths- Having a bath after a long hard day just sounds like heaven to me! Especially if you add some sort of super luxurious bath melt(I would recommend LUSH's Ceridwen's's incredible!) and a nice soothing face mask!

4. Online shopping!- I am the worst when it comes to online shopping! Everything just looks so much more tempting! And purchasing a few little goodies online always puts me in a good mood...until I check my bank balance after...oops!

5. YouTube- YouTube is my savior for when I'm stuck at home feeling like crap! There's so many amazing and hilarious videos that always seem to put me in the best mood! I'm always watching different make-up tutorials and things, but I do love a bit of Jenna Marbles for when I need a good laugh!

6. Movies/T.v- When I'm feeling sick, I love being able to just chill out on the sofa and watch T.v. Even though it's not to everyone taste, I love Family guy! And Geordie shore is my guilty pleasure...I even got my mum hooked on watching it!

7. Feedback?- Something that never fails to cheer me up is when I get a message from someone saying they enjoyed something that I wrote on my blog, or it helped them in some way. It's so humbling and it really does put me in the best mood! Thank you xx

8. Funny pictures- And last but certainly not least....funny pictures! Sounds kinda weird, but I love it when I'm scrolling through Facebook or Tumblr and I see a picture/quote that actually makes me Laugh out loud! Is that weird? I don't know?

So I'll leave you now with a photo I found today, that really did make me chuckle!

(Source: Google)

Look how cute they are!!!!!

I hope you're all feeling a lot better than me today, but if you are feeling poorly I hope that this post made you smile!


Thursday, 16 January 2014

Review: L'Oreal Paris Infallible 2-Step Long wear Lipsticks.

Hello, to everyone who reads my blog!

Quite a while ago now, I was introduced to the 'L'Oreal Paris Infallible 2-step Longwear Lipsticks'. I have to admit, I am one of those people who will give into a product if the advertisement is really good, and after seeing the ad for these lipsticks I was sold! They claim to last 24 hours without drying or fading, and that just sounds great! So I decided to purchase a couple...

Shades '110 timeless rose' and '506 red infallible'
The lip balm on the opposite end.
I love trying out new lipsticks and lip lacquers, and every other lip product there is out there. I'm always trying out new ones, so when I purchased these they kind of ended up at the bottom of my bag while I was trying out others, and I completely forgot about them. But now that I've tried them I thought I'd write a review.

The lipsticks come in 14 different shades and are all paired with a lip balm to keep your lips hydrated during the day. The first thing I noticed about them is that there isn't actually an awful lot of product, so I'm not to sure how long or how many uses you'd get out of it.

When I got home to try it, I found the applicator really nice and easy to apply the lipstick with, although you'd definitely need a mirror handy because it really does stain your lips! Also I'd recommend using a lip liner. I really liked the way both colors look on my lips, but I wouldn't say they last 24 hours! Not with just one coat anyway. If you want them to last all day I would suggest lining your lips, then filling in your lips with the same liner. Apply one coat of the lipstick. Blot your lips, and then apply a second coat. Also make sure to keep applying the lip balm all day, otherwise you're lips end up looking dry, cracked and horrible.

Besides the little things like the minimal amount of product, it really is a nice lipstick/lip stain. They're super pigmented and last of the lips a very long time! Also they come in a nice variety of shades perfect for lots of different occasions. So I definitely recommend that you give them a go.

You have no idea how long it took to get a photo of them without my cat in the shot. 


Thursday, 9 January 2014


The other week as I was scrolling through Facebook and came across an 'ARTDECO' prize pack competition. Basically, all you had to do was enter your email, and two weeks later five people were picked at random, so why not? And believe it or not, I ended up being one of those five people! AHHH!

So anyway, I thought I'd show you what I was sent...

Nail polishes in No. '178' and '32'

Bronzing powder in No. '420.3'

Eye shadows in No. '517' and '316'
Lipstick in No. '457'

I had never herd of the brand before entering the competition, so it's quite nice to try something new. Although I haven't tried any of the products yet.....except for the lipstick which I adore! It's a beautiful pinky, browny, nude color(that's the best way of me describing it), It's really moisturizing and creamy, and super easy to wear! Also, it's the type of lipstick which you can build up, depending on how opaque you want it to look. 

I can't wait to try out the other products and also look more into the brand itself as I'm really enjoying the lipstick! 

Has anyone else ever tried out 'ARTDECO' products?  


Monday, 6 January 2014

New addition to the family.

Hello to everyone who reads my blog!

This is a slightly odd thing to be posting on a 'Fashion and Beauty blog', but I thought I'd share it with you as I'm quite excited about it!

I absolutely LOVE animals, and ever since I was a baby we've always had a variety of weird and random pets roaming around the house. From fish, to cats, to lizards, but if there's one animal we always have It's a dog. Up until about three years ago when our dogs at the time (Millie, Chloe and Mojo) were taken away from us, after Millie jumped up and nipped the finger of a man who was trying to sell us something...But anyway, after three long years without having a furry little side kick, my mum decided to adopt one.

So say hello to Cookie! :)

Look how excited she is to be on my blog!

My mum liked the idea of adopting a slightly older dog who was looking for a home instead of a puppy, and that's when she found Cookie. Cookie is a six year old ex-agility dog, who was looking for a new home after injuring her back and not being able to compete in shows anymore, but we were more than happy to have her and and welcome her into our home.

Fitting right into our little family.

So there you have it! :) I just thought i'd introduce you to her. She's such a chilled dog and a great new addition to our little family....and guess what, her favorite treat is ice cream! Don't worry we don't feed it to her a lot, as i'm sure it's not the best food to be feeding your dog....but I mean ice cream?! How cool is that!

Do any of your pets have cravings for weird foods?


Friday, 3 January 2014

Boutique obsessed!

Around this time last year I had a huuuuuge obsession with online boutiques! One in particular called Peppermayo.

I'd heard about it before through friends but never really given it a second thought, as I always thought boutiques were way to over priced! But of course in the end my curiosity took over, and before you know it I was hooked.

Still to this day Peppermayo is my favorite online boutique, although I've managed to restrain myself from wanting to buy everything.

The first dress i ever purchased from Peppermayo.

Some people may still argue that it is over priced, but to me personally that's not the case. For me, when i'm purchasing something, not only am I paying for the item itself but i'm also paying for things like, customer service or if it's online, how organised the company are when it comes to shipping and payment. For example, I don't want to buy something if it's going to take three months to get to me, or if the person serving me is rude or spiteful I don't think i'd be inclined to keep shopping there.

So the reason I keep going back to Peppermayo is because not only are their products unique and good quality, but:
1. Their shipping is unbelievably fast and stress free. and...
2. From starting their small online Facebook boutique to now, Their customer service has always been impeccable! All the girls that work there are so lovely, and I think that's one of the big reasons why their boutique has grown so big over the past year.

So if you've never shopped at Peppermayo, I HIGHLY recommend it! They've always got new stock coming in, they've always got amazing sales on, and even thought they're an Australian boutique they ship worldwide, so definitely go check them out.

Anyone else know any amaaaazing online boutiques?


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My favorite hair oils.

I was introduced to 'Mythic oil' two years ago by my hair dresser after getting my hair permanently straightened. I have a long, damaging history with my hair starting way back on my 12th birthday when I got my first pair of straighteners (but that's a whole other story).

After getting my hair straightened I wanted to maintain it well and felt like I needed to keep it nice and healthy. My hairdresser suggested 'Mythic oil' and oh boy do I love it! I've been using it since the first day I bought it (two years ago), and It's still to this day one of my holy grail hair products.

I find it makes the end of my hair look less brittle and it's also great for hydrating dry and damaged hair. Another bonus for this product is it smell great! I've even had complements on how nice my hair smells after using this...which is a bit weird....but still nice. :)

So I highly recommend this oil for anyone with dry and brittle hair, and also its just quite a nice product to quickly run through your hair to make it appear more shiny and less dull.

Now onto my next all time favorite hair oil, 'Moroccan oil'. I was extremely late on the band wagon with this one. I've been using it for about four months now and am loving it!

For the past six months my hair has decided to become dry, frizzy, and super fragile....which sucks! I had heard of 'Moroccan oil' before, but for some reason I had never really considered buying it. But after reading some amazing reviews on it, I decided to treat my self (as it's not the cheapest of oils) and get some.

I apply it to the lower lengths of my hair when its towel dried, and then once my hair is completely dry it looks and feels amazing! It looks healthy, less brittle and since using this I've had lot less split ends.

So again I highly HIGHLY recommend this oil. Even though it is a bit on the pricey side you only need the teeniest tiniest amount on your hair. And it's just go spoil yourself! :)

 Anyone else have any recommendations on amaaaazing hair oils?